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South India Tour Packages
Shree saara toursime  ; South India is blessed by a varied topography that has resulted in a number of breathtaking sites including misty valleys, fascinating beaches, rolling hills and grandiose waterfalls. Once the seat of various ancient empires such as Pallavas, Cholas, Chalukyas, Hoysalas and Pandyas, this charming land abounds in various remarkable architectural wonders, including temples and historic monuments. The entire south Indian region is renowned for eco-tourism, cultural tourism, adventure tourism and religious tourism. You can opt from the various impressive south India tour packages that will guarantee the value for money and make your vacations in south India an unforgettable experience with

There are a number of tour packages that are available at varying prices depending upon the tourist destinations covered. The period of a package differs from one to another and it could range from a fortnight to twentyfive days all over the south India tours pacakagesIn shree saara tourisme.

You will not have a dearth of the tourist sites for the sightseeing since all the prime destinations are covered by the tour packages for south India by Some of the important destinations to mention Tamilnadu,Pondicherry,Auroville,Madurai,Tanjore cochin,Thekkdy,Alleppey,Kumarakoam,Munnar,Houseboats,ayurvedictreatment, Bangalore, Shravanbelgola, Hassan,mysore,Goa Besides, the wildlife destinations of the various south Indian states are also covered by these tour packages. Some of the famous tour packages that you can choose according to your interest and preference are Gateway to India and South,Coast to Mountain etc. These packages are designed to give you the maximum amount of pleasure and excitement on your tour given by

Transportation is inclusive in all the tour packages of South India. Air-conditioned coaches and tourist vehicles are offered as conveyance and you need not worry about hotel or city transfers. Railway and air bookings are also taken care of by the tour operators. The South India tour packages are the best way tour operators explore this region of India, as they are designed by the experts in this field and systematically cover all the major tourist destinations. These tour packages are very important for the development and growth of shree saara tourisme. Find more about the south India tour packages on the site This site also offers travel information on the various other tourist Transport 55 Seater Bus Hire From South India Tours | 55 Seater Bus Hire In South India Tours | 35 Seater Bus Hire In South India Tours|55 Seater Bus Hire South India Tours | Bus Rental Service From South India Tours | 35 Seater Bus Hire From South India Tours | 55 Seater Bus Hire | 40 Seater Bus Hire In South India Tours.

There are plenty of awesome places and destinations in and around South India depicting the wondrous heritage, history, spirituality, architecture and mere elegance of the olden arts as well as culture. India is home to many shrines of the world's major religions like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. South India has a unique, diverse culture and traditions that are distinct from that of rest of India. South India is a land of temples, a land of the devout, the profusion of jasmine and 'kanakambaram' flowers, kind people and the soft beat of distant drums.

Heart-steeling destinations like Chennai, Kerala, Kanyakumari, Mahabalipuram and Karnataka can be explored by you during South India Tours. Enjoy the fairs and festivals of South India and relish delicious South India cuisine during your South India Tours with our quality service. You can rejuvenate yourself with South India Tour Packages.

The southern Indian cuisine is simply delicious. Spicy food and delicious cuisines are sure to make a memorable vacation during your South India Tour Packages. Cool hill stations, spiritual temple tours, and south India wild life tours are the best way to spend your holidays in the laps of nature.

South India Temple Tours

While being the land of nature, South India has been an enthralling footprint of spiritual heritage and temples. Ages of the cities and towns in south India are of biblical proportions. Kanchipuram is one of the seven sacred cities of India that has been called the "Golden City of a Thousand Temples". Another world-renowned tourist destination in south India is "Mahabalipuram". This small sea side town is known for its seven rock-cut monoliths of rathas or temple chariots. Sri Meenakshi Temple in Madurai is utterly famous and remains as a gorgeous baroque example of Dravidian architecture. We have service like 55 Seater Bus Hire From South India Temple Tours | 55 Seater Bus Hire In South India Temple Tours | 35 Seater Bus Hire In South India Temple Tours|55 Seater Bus Hire South India Temple Tours | Bus Rental Service From South India Temple Tours | 35 Seater Bus Hire From South India Temple Tours | 55 Seater Bus Hire | 40 Seater Bus Hire In South India Temple Tours.

In the extreme south of Andhra Pradesh, Tirumala, yet another destination, beckons to pilgrims and tourists of South India Tours. Venkateshwara Temple is thronged with millions of devotees and pilgrims every year.

Wildlife Tour in South India
Wildlife sanctuary always fascinates nature lovers. It gives an adventurous experience while on Safari.A glimpse of Tamilnadu diverse heritage, has its pride possession. Tamilnadu, the hot seat of cultures is also rich in Wildlife sanctuary. India is one of the greatest and exclusive places, when it comes to wildlife sanctuary.

Munnar, is one of the exiting hill stations, covered with unending expanse of tea plantations. It is the favorite resort for western visitors. It is actually three mountain stream namely Muthirapuzhe, Nallathanni, Kundala. Munnar is the commercial center of the world's largest tea growing estate. It is the most dramatic mountain scenery and is said to be "Gods own country".

Muthumalai wildlife sanctuary in Masinagudi is the place of ecological interest.It is very popular with the wildlife enthusiasts. Kunthakulam bird sanctuary in Tirunelveli is covered with natural forests and ponds. Guindy national park is the prime spot in Chennai. Kalakadu sanctuary in Tirunelveli is renowed for its flora and fauna.

Hill Stations
Kodaikonal is said to be the best spot for trekking and photography. It houses treasures of wild trees. The "Shola" forests of the Kodai has a vast range of trees, wide range of inscets, birds. Every year the Kodai is flooded with western visitors. It is indeed the loveliest place in the world. The tourist hill resorts, mesmerizes with its beauty and tranquility. The pride of Kodai is Kurinji flower that blooms once in 12 years.

Ooty is known as "Queen of the hill station". It counts for its beauty and everlasting charm. The worship place is wide spread and is unique. The Botonical garden is rooted with wide range of plants, flowers and several strange trees. The Green Valley is one of the best tourist attractions of Kodai. Dolphin Nose is an other excursion spot found here. The wonderful hill station with scenic beauty always welcomes nature lovers.

Yercaud is the central attraction in Salem district. The sight seeing landmarks are Ladys seat, The Pagoda point, Kulliar falls, Servaroyan temple. It is famous for its Montfort school, where students of different religion stay and study.55 Seater Bus Hire From South India Hill Stations Tours | 55 Seater Bus Hire In South India Hill Stations Tours | 35 Seater Bus Hire In South India Hill Stations Tours|55 Seater Bus Hire South India Hill Stations Tours | Bus Rental Service From South India Hill Stations Tours | 35 Seater Bus Hire From South India Hill Stations Tours | 55 Seater Bus Hire | 40 Seater Bus Hire In South India Hill Stations Tours

South India Holidays Tours
One among the evergreen destination of holiday makers paradise is Goa. It is wide spread with beautiful blue beach. It is rich in fabulous flora and founa. Gao is pride of cultural heritage, captivating churches and terrific temples. The festivals in Goa should not be missed. It is a diverse tourist area. It is a diverse tourist area. The most famous celebration of Goa appeals to a wide range of tourists from around the world. Get going to the Goa Carnival and make merry. Visiting Goa is like getting in a great party. The beauty of the destination attracts westerners We Provide Tourist Transport service 55 Seater Bus Hire From South India Holidays Tours | 55 Seater Bus Hire In South India Holidays Tours | 35 Seater Bus Hire In South India Holidays Tours|55 Seater Bus Hire South India Holidays Tours | Bus Rental Service From South India Holidays Tours | 35 Seater Bus Hire From South India Holidays Tours | 55 Seater Bus Hire | 40 Seater Bus Hire In South India Holidays Tours.

Kerala is a cluster of islands. The coconut farms of Kerala are world renowned. It is no surprise that a domain of such a rich heritage fostered the growth of the region, culture and art. It has an irresistible temptation to the visitors right from the ancient time. Tamilnadu has a rich cultural heritage. History finds its full display in the marvelous sculptures of temples in Mahabalipuram, Chidambaram, Tanjore, Madurai etc.

Pondicherry is indeed a beautiful Indian town with French traces. Its the land of easy going and cleaner. The important places to bee visited are Manakulavinaygar temple, Sri Aurbindo Ashram, Auroville, Sacred churches, The beaches and etc.