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Tour Attractions of Pondicherry

Give time a break from your hustle and bustle of modern life and experience the peace and beauty of serine beaches in Puducherry (earlier Pondicherry). People from all walks of life and from all over the world thong this cosmopolitan union territory for its high-end historical heritage and   mere serenity of the town. If you are looking for a divine bliss, Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville are the perfect places. And if you are looking for some fun filled activities, various cultural festivals and fairs are organized often to facilitate cultural heritage and social.

Puducherry, the capital of the union territory of Puducherry (which includes Pudhucherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam) and is located in the Coromadel coast of the Bay of Bengal. While Karaikal lies 150 km south of Pudhucherry on the east coast, Mahe is on the Malabar Coast and Yanam in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Besides being a nesting place for many poets and laurels down the ages, The union territory also been a shore of different cultures, from the Romans to the French, who ruled for 300 years. The town is almost filled with a lot of heritage buildings and monuments. The attraction of the territory includes Botanical Garden, International yoga festival, annual French Food festival organized by The Department of Tourism of Pondicherry.

The historical French connection is still evident here after a half a century of independence. Puducherry is a visual treat for tourists with its calm spirituality, soft breezing beaches, cobbled streets, elegant houses, the backwaters, temples, churches, mosques, antique furniture gallerie, Cotton textile mills, handmade paper, leather aromatics and particularly pleasant shopping experience. If you want to have a memorable vacation, no doubt, Puducherry is worth spending tourist destination and wonderful place ever.

Auroville (also called as The City of Dawn) is located around 6 km from Puducherry and accommodates people across 35 nations to live as a community in making a universal city. On the 28th of February, 1968, the International township of Auroville was founded.

While introducing the project, The Mother, President of the Society, declared: "Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity".

The Matrimandir is both the physical and spiritual center of Auroville. Matrimandir, in Sanskrit, means "Temple of the Divine Mother". Its inner chamber is meant to be a place for quiet and concentration, void of any ritual, where anyone can sit to meditate in silence. Matrimandir is a 100-foot-high elliptical sphere resting on four pillars each pillar representing an aspect of the Divine Mother: Wisdom, Strength, Harmony, Perfection. The Matrimandir will be surrounded by a network of 12 gardens and a lake. Matrimandir stands as a living example of human unity in diversity.

Pondicherry Beach
Beaches in Pondicherry are always seen with playing kids and chatting couples who enjoy the coolest air of the bay of Bengal. They are extremely neat and clean with clean water and clear sand. We can see the less-crowded beach, cafes and cottages, highly furnished roads and sideways. Gandhi statue in the beach road is one of the important tourist destinations in Pondicherry. See side buildings are constructed in a way that they do not affect the natural beauty of the beach.

The Promenade Beach and the monuments around speak of the rich heritage of Pondicherry. Some of the important monuments of the city include Mahatma Gandhi, Joan of Arc and Dupleix, the War Memorial etc.  One more beach attraction is Auroville beach which is about 12 km from the pondicherry town. Most of the foreigners would like to have a dip whenever they like to warm themselves.

Arikamedu is one of the must visit places in Pondicherry and a great tourist spot with great historical relevance.  Arikamedu which is located on the banks of the Ariyankuppam River about 4 km from Pondicherry had been the trading centre of the Romans in the past. Archaeologists and students are seen often on a study tour or else in searching of any Roman coins, ceramics and other materials excavated here. Age old treasures of romans were preserved in Puducherry museum.

Chunnambar Boat House
Chunnambar boat house is one of the most desirable tourist destinations in Puducherry which is located along the banks of Ariyankkupam River. As a major tourist place, this place is known for beach sports, cruising, boat tours along the river  and the natural beauty of the place. Chunnambar resort has facilities in international standards that eventually invite a lot of foreign and domestic tourists as well. While you take a boat tour in the resort, there is a beach at the closure of the river where kids and grown up play endlessly with joy.

Pondicherry Aurobindo Ashram
The great Indian philosopher Aurbindo  Ghose set up the Aurbindo Ashram in the year 1926 where he lived and spent his days until his death. Nowadays Pondicherry is synonymous with Aurbindo Ashram. The Ashram is in the hot of the town near Manakula Vinayakar Temple.  It is the place where the great Indian philosopher Aurbindo lived and died.

Aurbindo’s ardent disciple and companion Mirra Alfassa (The Mother) who was from Paris is the key person behind Matrimandir Project in Auroville. The Samadhi of Sir Aurbindo and the Mother are kept in the main Ashram building where plenty of flowers and followers gathered together.  Aurbindo and Aurbindo Ashram are the spiritual embodiment of Pondicherry.

Handicrafts and Shopping
Besides being a historical and spiritual land, pondicherry is also a great place for shopping because of duty free service and low price.  Pondicherry is known for its textile industry, doll making industry, leather products, perfumed candles, pottery, handmade paper, handicrafts Products. Aurbindo Ashram plays a major role in manufacturing a lot of these shopping items that are exported to foreign countries. December to February is absolutely a splendid shopping festival time in pondicherry.

Architecture in Pondicherry
Pondicherry is not only a tourist destination but also a place of immense importance with its historical monuments. These monuments represent the footprints of the past activities like battles and sieges, Maharajas, courtesans, the French rule and War Memorial so on. Along the cost of the Promenade beach, you can find an array of statues of Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru statue, Joan of Arc and Dupleix, the War Memorial etc.

Aayi Mandapam standing in the middle of the Bharathi Park is famous for its elegance. Another remarkable monument worth a visit is Ananda Ranga Pillai Mansion which is a unique mix of French and Indian Architecture. Ranga Pillai dairy remains a very great resource to know about the French rule in India. The union territory has monuments and statues for poets, writers, freedom fighters, labors and national leaders. These monuments reflect the high national and cultural heritage of Pondicherry braving with glory against the test of time.Architecture in pondicherry,architecture tour of pondicherry,Architecture in mammallapuram,architecture tour in pondicherry,heritage walk in pondicherry,heritage architecture tour pondicherry,Architecture tour travel agent,architecture tour organiser,55 Seater Bus Hire From Pondicherry railway station | 55 Seater Bus Hire In Pondicherry railway station | 35 Seater Bus Hire In Pondicherry railway station|36 Seater Bus Hire Pondicherry railway station | Bus Rental Service From Pondicherry railway station | 35 Seater Bus Hire From Pondicherry railway station | 55 Seater Bus Hire Pondicherry | 40 Seater Bus Hire In Pondicherry railway station | 55 Seater Bus Hire From Pondicherry | 55 Seater Bus Hire In Pondicherry | 35 Seater Bus Hire In Pondicherry|40 Seater Bus Hire Pondicherry | Bus Rental Service From Pondicherry | 35 Seater Bus Hire From Pondicherry | 50 Seater Bus Hire Pondicherry | 40 Seater Bus Hire In Pondicherry | 55 Seater Bus Hire From Pondicherry Airport | 55 Seater Bus Hire In Pondicherry Airport | 35 Seater Bus Hire In Pondicherry Airport|55 Seater Bus Hire Pondicherry Airport | Bus Rental Service From Pondicherry Airport | 35 Seater Bus Hire From Pondicherry Airport | 55 Seater Bus Hire | 40 Seater Bus Hire In Pondicherry Airport |30 seater van hire in Pondicherry|25 seater van hire in Pondicherry|27 seater van hire in Pondicherry|55 Seater Bus Hire From Pondicherry College tour | 55 Seater Bus Hire In Pondicherry College tour | 35 Seater Bus Hire In Pondicherry College tour|55 Seater Bus Hire Pondicherry College tour | Bus Rental Service From Pondicherry College tour | 35 Seater Bus Hire From Pondicherry College tour | 55 Seater Bus Hire | 40 Seater Bus Hire In Pondicherry College tour|Pondicherry taxi| Pondicherry drop taxi| Pondicherry one way taxi|25 Seater Van Hire From Pondicherry | 28 Seater Van Hire In Pondicherry | 35 Seater Van Hire In Pondicherry|36 Seater Van Hire Pondicherry |Van Rental Service From Pondicherry | 32 Seater Van Hire From Pondicherry | 35 Seater Bus Hire Pondicherry