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The center of Dravidian culture and tradition—Tamil Nadu, since the ancient times, has been a hub of architectural legacy and the culture of the state, and isundoubtedly one of the leading tourist places of SouthIndia. Its long and unbroken coast line, edging the Bay of Bengal, thickly wooded forests teeming with wildlife, green farmlands interspersed with rocky wastes and the undulating Western Ghats are the prominent features of this charming tourisme destination. The true essence of Tamil Nadu tourisme lies in its fairs and festivals that are celebrated with immense pride and enthusiasm by the people. Without a tourisme to Tamil Nadu, your holidays in south India shall remain incomplete.

Tamil Nadutours has also been the seat of the ancient dynasties and Pallavas were the one who have left the imprints of their presence in the various temples and monuments of the state of Dravidian culture and tradition . And one of the city in south karaikudi special  woodcarving  and south Indians basic bulding of palace ancient culture  

Tourisme in Mahabalipuram
Mahabalipuram (formerly known as Mamallapuram) is rich in heritage and rock-cut & monolithic sculptures. Mahabalipuram is renowned for its sculpted giant open-air reliefs, mandapas (cave sanctuaries), rathas and the magnificent Shore Temple.  This fascinating port town was built by Pallava kings who ruled the south Indian dynasty around 7th century.   The Pallavas supported Buddhism, Jainism, and Brahminism, and were patrons of music, painting, and literature. Mahabalipuram, named after the Pallava king Mamalla, has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Sight with various historical monuments mostly built between the 7th and 10th century.

Auroville : Auroville (also called as The City of Dawn) is located around 6 km from Puducherry and accommodates people across 35 nations to live as a community in making a universal city. On the 28th of February, 1968, the International township of Auroville was founded.

While introducing the project, The Mother, President of the Society, declared: "Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity".

The Matrimandir is both the physical and spiritual center of Auroville. Matrimandir, in Sanskrit, means "Temple of the Divine Mother". Its inner chamber is meant to be a place for quiet and concentration, void of any ritual, where anyone can sit to meditate in silence. Matrimandir is a 100-foot-high elliptical sphere resting on four pillars each pillar representing an aspect of the Divine Mother: Wisdom, Strength, Harmony, Perfection. The Matrimandir will be surrounded by a network of 12 gardens and a lake. Matrimandir stands as a living example of human unity in diversity.

The historical French connection is still evident here after a half a century of independence. Puducherry is a visual treat for tourists with its calm spirituality, soft breezing beaches, cobbled streets, elegant houses, the backwaters, temples, churches, mosques, antique furniture gallerie, Cotton textile mills, handmade paper, leather aromatics and particularly pleasant shopping experience. If you want to have a memorable vacation, no doubt, Puducherry is worth spending tourist destination and wonderful place ever.

Pondicherry Beaches in Pondicherry are always seen with playing kids and chatting couples who enjoy the coolest air of the bay of Bengal. They are extremely neat and clean with clean water and clear sand. We can see the less-crowded beach, cafes and cottages, highly furnished roads and sideways. Gandhi statue in the beach road is one of the important tourist destinations in Pondicherry. See side buildings are constructed in a way that they do not affect the natural beauty of the beach.

Tourisme in Chidambaram
Chidambaram is one among the ancient, celebrated shrines.Historical  and cultural siginificance are felt. The very word Chidambaram means Nataraja Temple. Chidambaram represents the rich cultural heritage of India. The temple is dedicated to Lord Siva, in the form of “cosmic dancer.” This temple of Cholas is meant for the art of Bharathanatiam. The features of this temple are Sivakammiamam temple, the sivaganga tank, and thousand pillars. It is the major pilgrimage of temple. The temple campus houses mandapams, several shrines, etc. It is considered has one among the holy temples in India.

Gangai kondacholapuram : Gangai kondacholapuram is been recognized by UNESCO .It has been erected by the Cholas. The temple stands next to the temples of Tanjore but with its own individuality. The main temple consists of a Santum tower-Sri koil, a rectangular mandpa called Muthamandapam. The interesting part of largest shivalingam-Santum Santorium always remains temperature- controlled

Temples in Kumbakonam is known as “Temple Town” because the town is with numerous temples in and around the town. Kumbakonam is located in the Thanjavur District in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, about 313 km away from Chennai on the south, about 90kms from Tiruchi on the east and about 40kms from Thanjavur on the north east. The grand festival of Mahamaham is celebrated every 12 years in kumbakonam. Panchaloha idols, bronze sculptors, exquisite brass wares especially lamps, silk and betel leaves are very famous in kumbakonam. In Kumbakonam town and within a radius of 20kms, 37 of Lord Siva Temples of Chola Nadu and 10 of the Lord Vishnu Divyadesas are found situated. 

Tourisme in Tanjore : Tanjore, once the land of Cholas and was later the seats of nayaks and Marathas holds magnificent temples, historical palaces and museums. The architectural skills found are splendid. The prime attractions are the temples of carved stonework. The Dravidian temples are the centres of prime attraction.Temples Sri Bragadeswar, Mariamman, Airavatheeswar form a perfect mix of mythology and devotion.temples here are recognized by the UNESCO. The near by Kumbakonam (36 kms) is famous for Sarangapani, Kumbeswara, Nageswara,  ramaswamy,etc.The Mahamagam is clebrated once in 12 yrs. 

 Madurai Meenakshi Temple : Madurai was ruled by Nayak Emperors, is the oldest cities of India. It held the Sangam period of the Pre-christian era. The tamil literature of these age produced master pieces. Madurai is said to be the king in producing Tamil language and literature. Nakkirer is the hero Sangam Era.

The city of Madurai is dominated by Meenakhshi Sundareswara temple. The structure of cosmos is symbolized with concentric rectangular streets found in the temple. It is said people from Rome and Greece made trades with pandya king when they visited Madurai.

Later, Madurai became a province of the Delhi Empire, under the Tughlaks. Maduri is the living monuments of Tamil arts and literature. It is also known for its temple.The splendid making of the temples by Nayaks is remarkable. They left a major imprint in Meenakshi Sundaresweer temple. IT houses 12 gigantic gopurams. The temple consists of 110 pillars carrying the figures of peculiar animals with a lion body and an elephant head called “yalli”.

Tamil Nadu is an ideal destination for the nature lovers and is a repository of many wildlife sanctuaries and hill stations. Some of the popular hill stations in Tamilnadu are Udhagamandalam (Ooty), Kodaikanal, Yercaud and Coonoor all are in hills station. Some of the wildlife sanctuaries worth watching are Mukurthi National Park & Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve. Kanyakumari is one of the prime tourist attractions in Tamil Nadu and is especiallyin wild life, acclaimed for its sunrise and natural beauty. Marina Beach, one of the best known beaches of South India, is also located besides the capital city, Chennai. Tamil Nadu is also recognized for its festivals and the important one being Pongal, which is a four day harvest festival marked with pomp and colorful celebrations. Skanda Sashti and Bhramotsavam ,Vinayagarchurthi,deepawali,are the two other festivals that are also celebrated here with equal enthusiasm Find more information about Tamil Nadu by browsing through the site, which offers helpful travel information on other tourist places of India.